In case of emergency or accident, an ambulance/taxi may be called. Any expense incurred will be the parent responsibility. It is the parent responsibility, prior to registration to have alternate care arrangements in case of sickness. A sick child cannot be accepted at the center.


To comply with licensing regulations, prescribed medicine by a doctor will be administered to children only on receipt of completed signed medication form (available at center).


An important part of the program is to encourage good eating habits by having nutritious lunches & snacks. The Parent supplies these meals so that their child receives a variety of healthy foods daily. Junk food, candy and gum are frowned upon. A microwave and fridge are available for everyday use.

Parents involvement

We have an Open-Door Policy which encourages parents to observe and visit as often as possible. Appointments are not necessary, however would be appreciated. The Parent Bulletin Board is our main method of written communication. Individual Parent Meetings will be scheduled at the request of parents.


We celebrate at snack or lunch time with a Happy Birthday Song and a special Birthday Crown. Parents may provide a special treat if they wish. Cookies or Jello Jigglers are always a hit. Please do not send cake or cup cakes. Invitations to private birthday parties should be given to staff members who will discretely disperse the invitations to avoid hurt feelings of those not attending.

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