The staff are exceptionally kind and empathetic towards all the children, and the love my girls have for them makes me smile! The growth and development I see in my girls is amazing and its because of the learning of the center.

- Jaime D -

I highly recommend Kathy as a great director and Early Childhood Educator. My daughter was a very shy child and she had quite a difficult time to adjust herself at the beginning. Kathy spent a lot of her time to talk to me and to her teachers about my daughter. She is not just caring and patient, but well organized with her great experience and knowledge.

- Jerrie G -
The care and devotion the staff and the owner/manager at the Dinosaur show her is evident, she is flourishing from her experiences there and has benefited so much from their attention. We have found the staff and management to be very patient and understanding, they have been a great support to us and we would highly recommend this daycare to our family and friends.
- N. Gardiner -
We would gladly recommend this safe, interactive, educational and most importantly caring environment to other wonderful babies and toddlers!
- Melis A. -