A time to experience "the process…not the end product". A chance to be creative and manipulate various materials.
Small muscle manipulation and eye-hand coordination. A time to share, take turns and socialize.
Discovery of space & area and one to one relationships. Balance, weight relations, large and small muscle work and language stimulation.
Fosters listening skills, creativity, self-expression, balance and body movement awareness. Experience and explore rhythm, beat, sounds and movement.
Pouring, measurement, space relations, science, social interactions, language stimulation. Relaxing and soothing.
Soothing and relaxing activity providing social opportunities and language stimulation. Science, measuring, pouring and volume.
A time to put things learned into practice, read stories, sing songs, watch puppets, learn to be in a group, develop listening skills. Learn pre- math skills such as counting and the calendar. Learn pre-reading skills by training eyes to go from left to right by way of felt stories and calendar.
Fantasy and reality play. Role playing and a place to exlore and model our role in the world. Imagination and socialization.
A social time and a chance for teachers and children to share their thoughts and learn about nutrition.