Respect is an important component of the curriculum at our Center, a curriculum that is all-inclusive and which centers on connections and relationships. The emphasis is on families and their children forming caring and trusting relationships with our caregivers for a 4 year period prior to children entering Kindergarten at age five. We see the importance and plan carefully for the movement from our Toddler Program to our Preschool Program with the intent of successful readiness into Kindergarten. (We have an understanding with our families <upon registration> that once enrolled in our Center, there is a mutual understanding that children will move from our Toddler Program to our Preschool Program until Kindergarten entry).

Curriculum is about educating. In the eyes of young children, Care and Education are one and the same. Curriculum has to do with respecting and responding to each child’s needs in warm, respectful, and sensitive ways that promote attachment and allow children to explore and play on their own. Curriculum embraces everything that happens during the day—whether your child is alone or with other children or having sensitive interactions with a caregiver. Those caregiver-child interactions may be part of caregiving activities, both planned and unplanned, but they go way beyond. Even the down times during the day, when caregivers just hang out with the little ones, can include the kinds of interactions that make up curriculum.